Create a fashion lookbook with the Canon Zoemini S2

Everyone has unloved clothes – but maybe they just haven't found their match. Style influencer Molly Wójcik shows how you can use Canon's instant camera and printer to put together new outfit combos.
Style influencer Molly Wójcik, wearing a burgundy jacket and a sequinned scarf, holds up a rose gold Canon Zoemini S2 to take a selfie.

Most of us only wear about three quarters of the clothes we own.1 The rest hang there, neglected, gathering dust. Before you dump them in a bag ready for the local charity shop, though, consider giving your unworn clothes a second chance by creating a flip-style fashion lookbook.

Polish fashion and beauty influencer Monika Wójcik – better known to her followers as Molly – has built a 160k-strong audience on social media showcasing her outfit choices, which channel a noughties vibe with a twist. "I am inspired by the Y2K aesthetic," Molly explains. "I love the atmosphere of the 2000s, so I often refer to it in my appearance. My fashion style is dominated by bright shades, holographic accents and futuristic fabrics."

Her fluid approach to fashion means that on any given day, she is faced with an array of options, so Molly has created a tool to steer her – aided by the Canon Zoemini S2 pocket-size camera and photo printer. "I use my lookbook to quickly check how two different pieces of clothing will look together," she explains. "This enables me to easily choose styles."

To make a flip-style fashion lookbook of your own, just follow Molly's step-by-step guide – and check out her TikTok video to see how it all came together.

Style influencer Molly Wójcik holding a Canon Zoemini S2 and wearing pink trousers, a white top, a scarf and earmuffs, and carrying an oversized shoulder bag.

For someone who is always out and about, the Canon Zoemini S2 is ideal – lightweight but with a battery life of up to 25 photos. "What I really like about the Canon Zoemini S2 is its portable design, which means I always have it with me," Molly enthuses. "The camera and Mini Print app are fun to use and enable me to capture moments in a way that suits my style, bringing a little joy into everyday life."

Style influencer Molly Wójcik wearing a pink sweatshirt and posing for a selfie while holding a Canon Zoemini S2.

Molly's look has always attracted attention, and social media was a natural progression. "For as long as I can remember, my style has stood out from the crowd, so I decided that I would start sharing my outfits where everyone could see them – on the internet." When it comes to her aesthetic, more is more: "I bring back to life iconic elements from the noughties – shiny scarves, velour tracksuits, fur coats and sequin belts. For my make-up, I go for colourful eyelashes, shiny eye shadow and, of course, lip gloss! And when I get my nails done, I often show photos from 2010 as inspiration."

1. Prepare your lookbook and outfits

The number of outfit combinations you will be able to include in your fashion lookbook depends on how many pages it contains. You could utilise a ready-made notebook or use string to fasten together sheets of card or thick paper. When you know how many pages you have, you can start selecting the same number of tops and bottoms.

"I gathered together the clothes I knew I would wear at this time of year," says Molly, who focused her lookbook on the Autumn/Winter season. Like Molly, you might find you have a surplus: "I noticed how many things in my wardrobe I no longer wear," she recalls. This prompted Molly to give her closet a clear out – if you do the same, make sure nothing ends up in landfill. "I would encourage you not to throw away clothes," urges Molly. "You can donate them to charity shops, put them in a used goods container, or list them on a resale app. Let's give clothes a second life!"

2. Accessorise

Even though Molly's default is for garments in bright and bold colours and styles, it's not always the clothes themselves that make an outfit work. "I prefer retro fashion, but sometimes I spot something very basic in a store that I like, such as classic jeans or a white top," Molly says. "Accessories are the most important element of individual style. By adding them, the look becomes 'mine'. Add a glittery scarf, a colourful handbag and a beret, and even an ordinary outfit attracts attention." If you're feeling ambitious, you could add these extra aspects to your lookbook. Try cutting them out of your Canon Zoemini S2 prints and arranging them on top of your outfits to see how they add to the look.

3. Strike a pose

Molly used a smartphone to take the images for her lookbook, but the Canon Zoemini S2 has an 8MP camera with a mirror and ring-light to bring out the best in your snaps. "Avoiding strong shadows and facing the light is key when taking selfies," says Molly, who has taken plenty! With this specific task, though, it's essential that every picture lines up, otherwise the outfits won't combine effectively when you flick through the pages of the lookbook to change up the tops and bottoms. "I took photos of the top-half of the body first and then the bottom," she says. "Remember to ensure that your photos are taken from the same angle and that you pose in a similar way." If you are taking selfies with the Canon Zoemini S2, you can use the Live view option in the Canon Mini Print app to check your position.

A pair of hands with brightly painted nails holds open a fashion lookbook with outfits cut in half to enable the top and bottom to be turned independently.

Molly needed a consistent series of photos in order for her flipbook to work, but generally when shooting selfies she suggests experimenting with different framing. "Showing a full outfit can emphasise your style, but focusing on details such as your facial expression, accessories or make-up can make your photo even nicer," she says.

A pair of hands holds open a fashion lookbook with outfits cut in half to enable the top and bottom to be turned independently. A Canon Zoemini S2 is on a pile of cushions beside the book.

"You can even use the clothes that you don't think will match with anything other than a plain white blouse," says Molly. "You may be pleasantly surprised!"

4. Print your pics and assemble your album

Now you have your outfits photographed, it's time to get crafting! If you prefer to create your lookbook in stages, the images will be stored on the Canon Zoemini S2's Micro SD card. Once you've selected which shots will make the cut, print them out via the easy-to-use Canon Mini Print app. "The app makes printing photos a fun adventure, and the personalisation options add a pinch of creativity," notes Molly, who also used the stickers to decorate photo frames within the scrapbook. "The choice was huge!

"Remember that both photos should fit together in the middle of the book," says Molly. "I printed all the photos, and then measured exactly where the prints needed to be and cut the card. That was definitely the most time-consuming element, but in the end it turned out perfectly." The Canon Zoemini S2 prints on 5x7.6cm sticky-backed ZINKTM Photo Paper, so sticking the images in the lookbook is quick and simple. "As for the order of the photos, mine were completely random, but I think it's best to arrange the prints starting with the clothes you wear most often."

This project sparked Molly's creativity in other ways, too. "Currently, there are lots of photos taken on the Canon Zoemini S2 hanging in frames in my apartment" she says. "Creating an album of photos of my friends will make a great gift. I prefer DIY gifts and I think my friends will be delighted."

Spread the style inspo

Molly's lookbook is something that she will treasure long into the future. "In years to come, I will be able to see how my style and appearance has changed," she says. For Molly, fashion isn't only a medium for self-expression, but a form of social connection. "I want to encourage self-confidence by inspiring others to experiment with fashion and discover their own style. For me, each outfit is not just an outfit, but a story about who I am and how I want to be perceived. Fashion is about more than just clothes."

And now it's over to you! So grab your Canon Zoemini S2, select, style, shoot and share!

Written by Rachel Segal Hamilon

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