Frequently Asked Questions

Canon Professional Services (CPS)

About Canon Professional Services (CPS)

What is CPS?

Canon Professional Services (CPS) is a dedicated service for professional and semi-professional photographers and videographers who use Canon products. Fast service and repairs for kit, inspirational events and experiences, and exclusive special offers are some of the many benefits offered to our CPS Members in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

Qualifying, Points and Membership levels

Can anyone sign up to CPS?

CPS is aimed at professional and semi-professional photographers and videographers. It is absolutely free to sign up to.

What are Canon points and how do they work?

The majority of Canon products related to photography or videography have points. Simply select your product during registration to find out its points. Once you have fully completed your product details, these points will be added to your account. Your total points from all products you register make up your membership level. A product’s points may reduce over time, and cannot be redeemed or exchanged.

My product points are greyed-out and there is a blue dot showing. What does that mean?

The blue dot indicates that action is required by you for that product so please click on it and take a look. Points are greyed-out when there are details missing and a product is not fully registered. Please edit your product registration and fill in all details (serial number, country of purchase, date of purchase and store purchased). Points will then be validated and contribute to your membership level.

Can I join CPS with little or no kit?

You can join CPS without any products as a Red member. You will start collecting points when you register products, progressing to the next membership level - Silver, where you’ll start unlocking greater member benefits.

How many points does my kit get me?

Simply sign up and begin adding your products to find out how many points your kit could get you. You don’t have to finish your registration to discover how many points your equipment is worth - just come back later and finish off to receive your points.

Why have my points dropped?

If your total points have reduced it is because either a product has been removed from your Kitbag, or a product has become superseded or no longer possible for us to service. Even if your older products drop in points, they will always contribute a certain amount to your overall total.

My new membership level is not the same as my old CPS account?

We have made lots of new and exciting improvements to our new CPS membership scheme. To make membership qualification fairer for all our Pro customers, we have introduced points and broadened the product list of qualifying kit; this means we can now reward our lifelong customers, by giving points to older product models, and supporting our members who don’t own a ‘typical’ kitbag. Remember to register all your Canon products, and keep your Kitbag up to date to maximise your points and membership benefits.

What has happened to my CPS Video status?

We know that most Pros today are no longer solely a Photographer or Videographer; so we decided it no longer made sense to have a separate membership level. Your new CPS membership gives you points for both your video and photo equipment in one account, contributing to your overall membership level.

How to register

What information do I need to register?

Registering with CPS is quick and easy and you’ll get instant membership - just sign up with your contact details. To start collecting points towards your membership level, you’ll need to register your products. Don’t worry, it’s super simple and you can enter the information in your own time. You’ll need your serial number, retailer name, and country and date of purchase. Once this information is validated, you’ll see the points in your account. Please ensure product details are correct, and you have proof of purchase for your products as we may request it when you need to use your benefits or in the event of a Warranty claim.

Which Canon products can I register?

We have over 3,000 Canon products eligible for registration - including most of our cameras, lenses, printers, and even accessories. Remember to add both old and new equipment, and even Canon products bought outside of your home country could give you points. 120 of our Pro Canon products qualify for Fast Track - which means they can be repaired in as little as 2 days, subject to your membership level.

Where can I find a product’s serial number?

You’ll find the serial number for your DSLR on the underside of your camera body, stamped on a sticker on the base plate. Lens serial numbers are located in several places on the lens model. Find out more about locating serial numbers on Canon products.

Discover more

Can I register second hand equipment?

Yes, of course. Just register your second hand equipment the same way you would any other products you own. If you experience any problems, please contact us, quoting your model and serial number and the problem you’re experiencing.

Can I register products I’ve bought outside of Europe, Middle East & Africa?

Yes, you can. We understand that photography and videography professionals often travel and purchase products outside of the region. Therefore, you can register these products in your CPS account as normal and still enjoy the benefits of CPS. Some products not purchased from an Authorised Canon retailer may have been imported to be sold at a lower price, so please be aware of the limitations of buying such products and that, in the event of repairs under warranty, a proof of purchase will be required and the product will not be eligible to benefit from local Canon warranty support.


Is CPS free?

Yes, it is absolutely free to sign up. Your membership level depends on the Canon equipment you register with us that you already own.

When will I get my membership card?

The CPS Welcome Pack including membership card is available to Silver, Gold, and Platinum members. When you achieve this level a notification will appear in your dashboard under 'Offers'. Click on the notification and enter the address you wish the pack to be sent to. Please contact us If you haven’t received your new card within 4 weeks from your request. 

Members are only eligible for one pack and card even if the membership level changes. If you have lost your card and require a new one please contact us.

What is in the CPS (EMEA) Welcome Pack?

The Canon Professional Services (EMEA) Welcome Pack contains a welcome letter, CPS Membership Card, CPS Priority stickers (to ensure fast attention when you send your product in for repair or servicing) and a small gift (e.g. lens cleaning cloth). Welcome Pack contents are subject to change at any time without notice.

Product servicing

What is Fast Track? Is it guaranteed?

120 of our Canon products are eligible for fast turnaround servicing at our official Canon Service Centres. Find out if any of your products qualify for Fast Track by checking your Kitbag and selecting individual products. This will also show your turnaround time, which depends on your membership level and CPS service level in the country.
Fast Track applies to repairs in all Canon Service & Repair Centres and CPS Authorised Service Partners. For maintenance and upgrade services Fast Track only applies at Canon Service & Repair Centres. Fast Track is only eligible on products that have been registered in full with all details completed (serial number, country of purchase, date of purchase and store purchased) and points validated.
Turnaround times are subject to a maximum of 3 products in servicing at one time per member, and does not include shipping time. For comparison purposes the standard, non-CPS turnaround time is approximately 10 days.
Turnaround times cannot be guaranteed and may not be met due to factors such as spare parts availability. However both Canon and the repair facilities authorised to provide CPS services will endeavour to meet the target times listed. If for some reason your turnaround time cannot be met, you will be eligible for a courtesy backup loan (Gold and Platinum members).
See Terms of Use for more information including how turnaround times are calculated.

Why is the Fast Track turnaround time for my video camera 5 days?

The fastest turnaround time for all video products (Cinema EOS and X Series) is 5 days. This is due to the complexity of repairs, availability of parts, and necessary tools needed. If you are entitled to a 2 day (Platinum) or 3 day (Gold) turnaround, we endeavour to complete repairs in our fastest video turnaround time of 5 days. If the repair will take more than 5 days, Gold and Platinum members are entitled to a backup loan if needed.

Are the CPS maintenance discount and free return shipping available from all Canon Service Centres?

CPS discounts for product maintenance services and free return shipping on chargeable repairs are only available from Canon Service & Repair Centres (as listed in the below FAQ).
CPS Authorised Service Partners do not currently offer these exact benefits but may have their own offers so it is worth getting in touch with your chosen CPS Authorised Service Partner to discuss further.
All Canon Service Centres for the servicing of CPS equipment can be found using the locator on this page and selecting the ‘Canon Professional Services’ filter.

What is the difference between Canon Service & Repair Centres and CPS Authorised Service Partners?

Canon Service & Repair Centres are large, regional Canon-owned workshops which are centres of excellence handling a wide variety of Canon servicing and repairs.
There are 6 such centres in EMEA:
United Kingdom
CPS Authorised Service Partners are independent workshops who have been authorised by Canon to perform services and repairs on certain products for CPS customers to the necessary Fast Track turnaround times. They have the necessary tools and training to perform these services to the very high level of quality which Canon demands.
Canon Service & Repair Centres and CPS Authorised Service Partners are collectively known as Canon Service Centres.
All Canon Service Centres for the servicing of CPS equipment can be found using the locator on this page and selecting the ‘Canon Professional Services’ filter.

International Support

Can I only use CPS in my home country?

Your CPS membership entitles you to support and benefits across all participating countries across Europe, Middle East, and Africa when you travel. Benefits may differ between countries, so please check the participating countries for more information.

Can I join CPS EMEA if I am a member in another global region outside of Europe, Middle East, or Africa?

CPS is run separately for different global regions. However, CPS customers outside of Europe, Middle East, and Africa are eligible for some services at Canon EMEA facilities and events, with a valid CPS membership card. Please note your benefits may differ from that of your home country. If you would like to receive full benefits for CPS EMEA you will need to re-register with an official address in one of our participating countries.

Can I enjoy benefits in other global regions if I am a member of CPS EMEA?

If you are a Canon EMEA member you may be able to take advantage of Canon priority services outside of Europe, Middle East, and Africa with a valid CPS membership card. However, benefits may differ to benefits offered in your home region.