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Two lions, their bodies out of shot, side by side. One nestles its head against the other. Both animals have their eyes closed. ARTICLE

Photographers raising a million for parks and people

Over 170 wildlife photographers, hundreds of limited-edition art prints and one united goal: to raise funds for African Parks and their communities.

05 August 2021
On the right, the side of a man wearing a black medical-style mask and a blue top is pictured. He is overseeing an audio-visual control panel of buttons, some of which are lit. There is also a monitor showing what is being filmed and cables feeding into plug sockets. ARTICLE

Faith, hope and live streaming

Covid 19 meant that churches had to think differently about worship. Nairobi’s Mamlaka Hill Chapel used live streaming to connect with their community.

16 September 2021
A white horse stands with its head inside a white, doughnut-shaped CT scanner. ARTICLE

CT for horses - image quality and safety are crucial

At the Telgte veterinary clinic in Germany, a new CT scanning solution is taking some of the stress and risk out of examining injured and sick horses.

13 September 2021
The sun is burning a deep orange, which can be seen through the silhouette of a leaf. A dark sky forms the backdrop of the photo. ARTICLE

From ‘job’ to ‘joy’

For most of us, working is simply a fact of life, but when you can have some fun along the way and share your passions it can make all the difference.

23 August 2021


Belgian artist Wim Tellier uses the power of print to take us on a journey that remind us of just how vulnerable we really are in the face of nature.

12 August 2021
A restaurant setting, with two tables side by side. One is round, with six chairs. The other is oblong with four chairs. Both are set ready for customers, with cream tablecloths. Above them is a circular orange light fitting and behind is an image of a huge flower, taking up the entire wall on printed wallpaper. ARTICLE

What happens when creativity meets technology?

We often view creativity and technology differently, but when they meet, problems can be solved, trends are made, and exciting new solutions are born.

06 September 2021
A smiling young woman with her hair in a long blonde braid sits at a desktop computer with keyboard. She wears over-ear headphones and has a big silver microphone positioned in front of her. ARTICLE

Fun, fame and streaming games

Every day, millions of people head to Twitch to get their fix of their favourite gaming streamers – or to stream to others and chase online fame.

08 July 2021
A close-up of three women leaning their heads out of a car window. The woman on the left has long brown hair, the woman on the right has short brown hair and, in the middle, the woman is blonde and has her eyes closed and head raised gently skywards. ARTICLE

The world between you and me

Canon Ambassador Julie Pike recalls her shoot with the singer Aurora and her sisters and shares “secret little world” that exists in her viewfinder.

30 August 2021
A pair of feet in running shoes, walking across grass. ARTICLE

Habits: making, breaking and changing for the better

We are creatures of habit, and many of them save us time and make us more efficient, but how do we change the ones that make life more difficult?

02 August 2021
A clouded and slightly blurred image, all in blue. Through it, the features of a woman’s face can be seen. © Daphne Wageman ARTICLE

Blindsight: a layering of the senses

Daphne Wageman has experienced the world as few others have and her powerful printed project ‘Blindzicht’ brings stories of visual impairment to life.

16 August 2021

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