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Compact Digital

Canon PowerShot V10

Captivate and grow your subscribers with Canon’s dedicated 4K vlogging camera. A lightweight all-in-one you can simply pop in your pocket. Easy.

Canon Camera


Record all the engaging vlog content you need with easy, comfortable operation. Pop it in your pocket when you’re done.


Get more in frame

Impress your subscribers with engaging 4K UHD content and get more in-frame footage with the built-in wide angle lens.

PowerShot V10 lens view

Typical selfie lens view 1

Sound simply superb

Capture the atmosphere. Record every word you say clearly with large built-in stereo microphones. A wind filter ensures you’re heard, even when the weather’s against you2.

Canon Camera

Capture more in less light

Record confidently even when it’s getting dark, with Canon’s large sensor able to absorb more light. Even shoot a still for your YouTube thumbnail.

Shake-free footage

Record smooth, stable footage – even when you’re walking – with Enhanced Image Stabilisation3.

Image Stabilizer OFF

Enhanced Image Stabilizer

PowerShot_V10_Connect with confidence_image

Connect with confidence

Set up via an intuitive wizard that connects automatically via Bluetooth. Record from nearby over Wi-Fi. Use as your webcam with simple plug and play to help expand engagement.

Livestream with ease

Grow subscribers in real-time – even wirelessly on-the-go using your mobile data4 – by livestreaming5 on YouTube and Facebook6 via the Canon Camera Connect app on your smartphone.

PowerShot_V10_Livestream like a legend_Image
Ambient Packaging

Plastic-free packaging

PowerShot V10 comes boxed in plastic-free7 packaging. Plant-based non-woven fabric8 is used to wrap the various contents which helps to reduce environmental impact.

Get the most out of the PowerShot V10

Get to know the PowerShot V10 in detail with a step-by-step tutorial video over on the Canon Europe YouTube channel.

Get most out of PowerShot V10


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    Compact and lightweight at 211g

    Hold in your hand, fit in your pocket

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    Quality recording in 4K UHD

    Standout, movie-quality content

  • Notification Imagee

    Wide angle lens for video

    Capture more in-shot without stretching your arm

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    Powerful stereo microphones

    Clear audio for immersive sound from all directions

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    Built-in Stand

    Shoot steadily from multiple positions9

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    Wi-Fi, Bluetooth straight to your phone and even more

What in the Box

What's in the box

  • Video Camera Black/Silver

  • Interface Cable
  • Wrist Strap

  • Textile case

  • Lens Cap

  • Mini Windshield

  • User Manual Kit

Related Accessories

  • Audio

    DM-E100 Stereo Microphone

    Capture excellent audio with ease thanks to a plug and play small stereo microphone that’s always ready to record.
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    Wireless Remote Control BR-E1

    A reliable, easy-to-use remote control for Bluetooth-compatible Canon cameras.
  • Tripod

    Tripod Grip HG-100TBR

    Shoot for longer with greater stability and creative flexibility thanks to this unique tripod grip with detachable remote control.
  • Canon Camera


    Interface Cable IFC-100U

    Effortlessly transfer photos and movies from your camera to a Mac or PC with this high-speed USB cable.
  • Canon Camera


    Hama Charger, Power Delivery (PD) / Qualcomm®, 18-Watt USB Charging Adapter

    Charge your PowerShot V10 quickly and efficiently with this intelligent power adapter.
  • Canon Camera


    USB Power Adapter PD-E1

    Charge your PowerShot V10 with this compatible USB power adapter
  • EOS Accessory

    Directional Stereo Microphone DM-E1

    Canon Directional Stereo Microphone DM-E1 - EOS Digital SLR and Compact System Cameras
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    1. Video taken from same distance at 24mm using other Canon camera for illustrative purposes.
    2. The electronic wind filter is on by default to reduce audio distortion in windy outdoor scenes. To further enhance the sound quality in those situations we recommend using the bundled Windshields.
    3. Using Movie digital IS results in cropped movies. Cannot be combined with auto level, digital zoom or with Smooth skin mode.
    4. Such access may involve third-party fees, such as Internet service provider charges, telecommunication charges or third party charges. Stream quality depends on your upload speed, mobile data service, availability, coverage.
    5. A stable Wi-Fi connection in a less crowded 2.4GHz wireless space with fast upload speed is recommended for best results.
    6. Please be aware that live streaming platform may change, stop, or terminate their service, at any time without notice. Please check with live streaming platforms for the latest requirements. Canon makes no representations or warranties with respect to any third party product or service, including live streaming.
    7. Excludes materials used in labels, coatings and adhesives.
    8. Materials used in coatings and adhesives are excluded. Depending on the time of production, natural nonwoven fabrics may not be available.
    9. The built-in stand enables setup at an angle of -30° to -10° for high-angle shooting and 10° to 30 ° for low-angle shooting.