EOS DSLR for Enthusiasts

Take photography to the next level and unleash your creativity with our enthusiast DSLR camera range.
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Choosing the right DSLR for you

We offer a range of advanced DSLRs from high performance, versatile cameras to more specialist portrait or sports options.


A full-featured DSLR that takes you closer, lets you shoot faster and capture superb 32.5 megapixel images.


Advanced performance, designed for you

Learn new skills and advanced ways of shooting to help you raise your game and tackle fresh subjects.

  • High ISO

    Shoot great images with ambient light even in poor conditions using a high and expanded ISO range.

  • Fast continuous shooting

    Capture the defining moment, shooting bursts of full resolution images at high frame rates.

  • Autofocus

    Take control over the exact area of focus, with up to 65 AF points.

  • Full-frame sensor*

    An EOS with a full-frame sensor offers the ultimate in image quality, plus fine control over depth of field.

Canon Camera

Complete control

Dedicated buttons for functions such as AF, metering modes, ISO and Drive modes give you instant access to settings.

Take control at the moment of capture with a transparent LCD screen that overlays shooting information.

Viewfinder and LCD screen

Compose and shoot instinctively. Use a bright optical viewfinder, overlaid with shooting information, to see the world how it really is. Plus, use live view via a high-resolution LCD, with touchscreen control and vari-angle options.

Canon Camera
Canon Camera

EOS Movies

Aspiring videographers can capture Full-HD video with astonishing depth and clarity. You can enjoy a superb AF system with Dual Pixel CMOS AF** and take creative control of frame rates, depth of field, shutter speed and audio levels.

Everything you need to support and inspire you

Change your lens and change your view with the EOS system plus get inspired with EOS tutorials.

Discover the EOS R System

Building over three decades of continuous EOS innovation, the EOS R System is based around a pioneering lens mount which offers greater creative opportunities and even more intuitive ways of capturing every moment.

Canon 4K cameras

Discover the power and versatility of Canon’s 4K range.

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  1. *Not all models above have full frame sensors
  2. **Dual Pixel CMOS AF is not available on all models Not all features are available on all cameras