Usability & Flexibility

Enhanced touchscreen functions

In addition to the popular Direct Touch interface for instant control of AF and on-screen settings, the built-in 3.5-inch vari-angle LCD touchscreen supports touch operation for playback control, menu navigation and recording settings.

More than 100 features, including Eye Detection AF, Gain Boost and Focus Guide can be assigned to 11 customisable buttons that are easily accessible on the compact main unit while looking through the EVF.


Independent Control Rings

Even with the XF605’s compact size, the optical zoom lens features three-ring operation. Focus, zoom and iris can be independently adjusted via the lens rings, each of which has a unique tactile feel for precise control.


Built-in ND filters

An internal, rotating ND filter unit enables creative control over aperture and shutter speed in a wide range of shooting situations. Three densities – ND 1/4, ND 1/16, ND 1/64 – are adjusted using conveniently placed external buttons near the lens barrel.


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  1. The visual appearance of the Canon XF605 shown in these photographs and video content may differ from the commercial product.