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Unlock new creative potential with Canon's Easy-PhotoPrint Editor app

Technology makes it all too easy to snap thousands of digital images over the years and never do much with them. But what if you could enjoy all those images in the 'real' world? The Canon Easy-PhotoPrint Editor app is a simple way to turn your favourite photos into stylish prints or unique gifts in a super creative and personalised way – it not only makes printing easy, it makes it fun too!

The app is compatible with many Canon printers including those in the PIXMA range. It can be used on a variety of devices including smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android) and there is a desktop version available for PC and Mac users. To quickly connect your printer to the app, click on the printer icon in the top corner of the home screen and select your Canon printer from the 'Available Printers' list.

A flat lay image of a hand holding a smartphone, an envelope, calendar, note paper and printed pictures.
Create customised prints, cards and posters for school or as gifts for family members. You can also use the app to edit your photos before uploading to social media.

Selecting your images

A person uses the Canon Easy-PhotoPrint Editor App.
You can select images from across your own storage platforms, including social media, or from the camera roll on your smartphone.

When it comes to selecting the images you want to work with, the Canon Easy-PhotoPrint Editor app is armed with a host of options. You can choose images and documents straight from your device (click 'Browse'), or from a range of popular external cloud services and social media platforms including image.canon, Dropbox, Facebook, Google Drive, Instagram and OneDrive. This useful setup is a great time saver if you have multiple images saved across a variety of platforms.

If you've started work on a template and you wish to return to it at a later date simply press 'Save' and it will be filed under the 'Your Items' tab on the home screen. For fast and easy access you can also add your favourite templates to the 'Favourites' menu by clicking on the star symbol. The template filter tool (available under each main menu setting) is also a great time-saving feature, allowing you to select templates based on a variety of categories including paper size and number of images.

Customising your images

A flat lay image of a PIXMA printer, printing out holiday pictures, surrounded by other printed pictures.
Thanks to the Canon Easy-PhotoPrint Editor app, you can customise your images and make personalised cards for holidays and celebrations.

The Canon Easy-PhotoPrint Editor is an intuitive and simple app to use and will appeal to anyone who enjoys the creative process, young or old. There are various options when it comes to printing and customising your photographs, all of which can be selected from the home screen.  

For a fast and easy way to print individual images select 'Photos'. This gives you the option to crop your image or add a stylish filter effect. If you wish to customise your images further we recommend selecting 'Photo Layout' as this enables you to add special effects such as altering the background colour, including text, adding a photo frame, and using the creative 'Stamps' tool (these options are also available across many of the other template designs). The 'Stamps' tool includes various graphic icons such as arrows, speech bubbles, animals, numbers and symbols, so you can add unique and artistic designs to each of your photo montages.

Creating collages

The Canon Easy-PhotoPrint Editor app has been designed with the whole family in mind – and the Scrapbook option enables you to collect your memories of a special event in a unique scrapbook for your own enjoyment or to give as a present.

You can select printable wrapping paper designs that can be customised with decorative stamps, text and images for a bespoke finish. If using a multiple sticker template design ensure you uncheck the 'Add the same image to all frames' box if you'd like a variety of images. Again, you can customise stickers with frames, stamps, text and background colours for your own unique finish.

Business and personal admin

A fridge with pictures, posters, notes and magnets stuck to it.
You can create and print posters from your favourite photos – and there are lots of designs to choose from to suit your event or business.

The Canon Easy-PhotoPrint Editor isn't just for family snaps and fun photo projects, you can also use the app for business and personal admin. For example, there are templates for posters, including sale and safety designs, that you can customise to fit your business. There are also options to print ID photographs, design your own business cards, or make a calendar, with single, 6- or 12-month templates.  

Thanks to smartphone technology and inventive apps such as the Canon Easy-PhotoPrint Editor, printing your images can be a fun and creative process. It's a great tool to have at your fingertips, whether for business or personal use. With a Canon PIXMA printer this method of printing will not only save you time, but also enable you to transform those special digital moments into cherished products for you and others to enjoy.

Written by Claire Gillo

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