Image quality

The EOS R5 delivers image quality that defies expectations. A 45 megapixel sensor works hand-in-hand with a DIGIC X image processor, showing just what the technically advanced EOS-R system is capable of.

45 megapixel resolution & DIGIC X processor

At the heart of the EOS R5 is a 45-megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor that delivers previously unheard-of levels of image quality. Detail and clarity are simply stunning, as is colour reproduction, tonal gradation and dynamic range. The sensor operates with a maximum sensitivity of ISO 51,200 so you can take advantage of the EOS R5’s sensational image quality even in low-light conditions.

A custom-designed DIGIC X image processor takes data from the camera’s sensor and produces image files of exceptional quality. Digital noise is kept to a minimum – not just at high ISO settings, but all sensitivities. Sharpness is improved with an all-new clarity adjustment and extra dynamic range is available, thanks to an improved Auto Lighting Optimizer (ALO) and Highlight Tone Priority+ technology.

© Ulla Lohmann / Canon Ambassador

A paraglider with a yellow canopy high above the lush German Alps

© Ulla Lohmann / Canon Ambassador

© Robert Marc Lehmann

RF mount

The EOS R5 is a camera that takes full advantage of the technical developments that were designed into the EOS R system. This includes the RF lens mount, with its wide 54mm diameter and 20mm flange distance that allows optical designs that were previously considered impossible.

The RF mount also transmits data between lens and camera body at ten times the speed of the EF lens mount. This allows for faster autofocus, the new Intelligent Image stabilization system and new levels of in-camera image processing, using technologies like our Digital Lens Optimizer to maximise image quality and help lenses perform at their absolute best.

High resolution images up to 400MP

With Firmware Version 1.81 it’s possible to create high resolution images up to an incredible 400MP in camera. Thanks to the IBIS High Resolution function, when mounted on a tripod the EOS R5 can take nine consecutive images, moving the sensor slightly for each image using the in-body IS mechanism and merging the images in camera. This allows the camera to mimic even smaller pixels thus achieving a higher resolution image of approximately 400MP.

IBIS high resolution
IBIS High Resolution ON

IBIS High Resolution ON

IBIS High Resolution OFF

IBIS High Resolution OFF

8-stop Image Stabilizer1

The EOS R5 is the first EOS camera feature in-body image stabilization, which provides 5 axis of movement, protecting against camera shake when shooting with lenses that don’t have their own IS. However, when a compatible IS-equipped RF lens is fitted to the EOS R5, the two stabilisation systems work together creating an Intelligent Image stabilization system, which delivers an incredible 8-stop advantage.

That’s enough to allow hand-held photography at very long shutter speeds without fear of blur from camera shake. Just imagine being able to intentionally use a slow shutter speed to capture the movement of a flowing waterfall while shooting handheld – just one of the ways the EOS R5 is enabling new ways for photographers to be creative.

No image stabilization

© Ulla Lohmann / Canon Ambassador

8-stop image stabilization

© Ulla Lohmann / Canon Ambassador

Movie Digital IS

An electronic 5-axis in body Image Stabilizer also operates when shooting video*. This works together with the camera’s in body image stabilization system, and a lens’s own IS, to deliver very high levels of stabilisation. This gives handheld footage a smooth, professional look and feel, that’s great for documentary filming and creative filmmaking projects.

* Movie Digital IS system is not available when shooting in 8K RAW

HEIF image format

Alongside JPEG and CR3 RAW files, the EOS R5 can also record HEIF (High Efficiency Image Format) files. This next-generation image file format boasts higher image quality than JPEG files, but with roughly the same file size. The format allows 10-bit colour too for more dynamic range and allows the capture of HDR PQ images.

HEIF files can also be processed in camera to produce JPEG files with a wider dynamic range than regular JPEGS.

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    1. 8-stops based on the CIPA standard with RF 24-105mm F4 L IS USM at a focal length of 105mm.