Providing the data you need to maximise the performance of your print devices, including monitoring, analysis and cost allocation.
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Vital performance insight

Get the most from your printer fleet by driving productivity with critical data and clear insights into your devices and operations.

Colour Management

Our colour management solutions help creatives and print providers maintain consistent output quality for digital prints to defined standards, without the need for high levels of technical knowledge. This also has the benefit of shifting operators from subjective colour judgement by eye towards data-led and objective digital measurement, helping to ensure end client satisfaction.

PRISMAcolor Manager

An easy-to-use colour management solution designed to help print service providers validate colour across Canon and non-Canon CMYK printers.

PRISMAcolor Manager displayed on monitor.

Data Analytics

Our cloud-based management information tools provide accurate, comprehensive data to efficiently manage costs and maximise print productivity.

PRISMAlytics Accounting

Capture accurate data per job, customer or department from a comprehensive, cloud-based management information tool.

Work professional using PRISMAlytics Accounting software.

PRISMAlytics Dashboard

Get insights into the performance of your printers, from monitoring usage and consumables to analysing Key Performance Indicators.

Reduce costs with accurate data

Identify potential savings and prepare performance-based cost calculations by monitoring running costs and tracking consumable metrics.

Boost profitability with optimised print performance

Know when printers are idle or when productivity drops as a result of incorrect settings and adjust device uptime and usage for streamlined efficiency.

Work professionals looking at a PRISMAlytics Dashboard.

Device Management

Enhance operational efficiency and output quality with real-time overviews, remote management and multi-device job scheduling.

  • PRISMAsync Remote Match

    Synchronise colour, media and workflow printer settings to similar devices in your fleet with one click.

  • PRISMAsync Remote Manager

    Remotely submit, monitor and manage jobs across one or more PRISMAsync printers at the same time.

  • PRISMAsync Remote Control

    Keep production on-track with a printer monitoring app that sends alerts to your phone or tablet.

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