A women with long hair in her wedding dress is balancing on fallen trees on the edge of a give in a forest.

The adventure of a lifetime

There are moments in our lives that we want to remember forever. Those that we want our children and families to remember. Then, there are the people who capture these moments and turn them into beautiful pieces of our legacy. Pablo and Ana Laguia are two such people. A husband and wife team who understand the adventure of marriage, using emotional storytelling and a dash of chaos to create perfect images that live on forever. Because isn’t life just that? Perfection and chaos, all rolled into one.

“Pablo and I met eleven or twelve years ago, when I was working in fashion communication and marketing and Pablo was one of the photographers I worked with. We worked very well together, creating some great results, and it appeared to us that this was something we could do very well together, bringing my fashion expertise and Pablo's photography together. So, I quit my job.”

Pablo had been a photographer for twenty years, capturing weddings, fashion, travel and documentary. When we teamed up, we focused mainly on weddings – especially destination and elopement weddings. We love doing this and get to travel to amazing places and meet wonderful people around the globe. It gives us so much joy, and there is something very special about capturing someone's legacy. For generations to come, these moments will be remembered by the couple and their families. This is why we went from fashion to weddings. Fashion captures trends, whilst these wedding moments are timeless. Wedding photographs live on beyond the moment and will be there for their children and others to see, and the next generation following that, which is such a beautiful thought.

A women with long hair in her wedding dress is balancing on fallen trees on the edge of a forest.
A memory from their own honeymoon. © Pablo and Ana Laguia.

This picture is particularly special to us, as it is from our own honeymoon. I met Paolo on a trip back to Spain, when I was living in New York, and we started communicating daily. He came out to see me there and eventually I moved back to Spain, as I was in love. He proposed to me in New York’s Central Park, as we had a lot of memories from there. Pablo really wanted to take some pictures of me on our honeymoon, as we hadn't been able to take our own wedding photos. So, he asked me to put on my wedding dress again for a series of images. It was a cold day, and my dress was torn amongst the trees, but it was all so beautiful, and I was happy to be in my dress again. This was such a good memory for us, and although it's just me in the frame. It's one of our favourite pictures. Pablo likes to mix the perfect with the messy, and this image combines both elements so nicely. You see me as the beautiful bride amongst the roots of the fallen tree. There is something so beautiful about this type of chaos.

Left: Black and white full-length image of Pablo and Ana Laguia standing in from of a large bush. Right: A quote that reads: “Wedding photographs live on beyond the moment and will be there for their children and others to see”

Wedding photography didn't use to be that cool and was even viewed as a bit cheesy, but now it’s very different. You can take a fashion approach, a documentary or a travel approach – there is so much storytelling to do. We only accept the work if we really think we can do their story justice and spend a lot of time getting to know the couples and learning their stories. I also think it helps that we too are a couple, and they share so many lovely and intimate things with us, all of which helps us capture the visuals of their special day. We feel really lucky to be involved and able to photograph their wedding adventure. We often stay in touch and follow their lives.

We love capturing destination weddings, as it's so exciting and you can turn it into something amazing! Helping the viewer to almost feel that they were there, bringing them along with you through the photographs and capture everything that will help to experience the full adventure, the little details to the big moments. We try to make you feel everything, from the landscape to the smell of the grass. We love doing what we do and want to keep travelling the world and capturing these beautiful wedding moments for many, many years. We are still young.

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Written by Pablo & Ana Laguia and Cecilie Harris

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