Canon Remote PTZ System Firmware update and Add-on applications.

The new Canon Firmware updates offer a host of free features and improvements which enable even greater flexibility and performance for your Canon PTZ camera, apps and accessories. Select your model of PTZ camera to view the available Firmware downloads and contact your local Canon dealer for add-on application purchase options. And take advantage of all these key benefits.

June 2024: Auto Tracking Application (RA-AT001)

Available in the new Firmware is the New Free Auto Tracking Application RA-AT001 (Lite) with a full version available via a paid-for licence. Functional updates are listed below.

New Free Auto Tracking RT-AT001 (Lite)
Free pre-installed auto tracking with latest firmware. Take advantage of Auto Tracking App RA-AT001(Lite) to follow a subject automatically. A paid version (RA-AT001) unlocks extra versatility.

Improved tracking performance
Rely on the camera to lock on and track a chosen subject, even if the subject moves and passes behind obstacles. Thanks to the new improved tracking algorithm, the app enables the camera to intelligently maintain tracking of the chosen subject with greater accuracy.

Smoother camera movements
Get more professional footage thanks to the improved pan/tilt control algorithm for subject tracking. The result is smoother and more natural tracking movements from start to finish.

Multiple setting memory support
Up to five settings can be saved as presets for auto-tracking.

New Initial Position Display button
Make initial position easier to check during set-up thanks to a new "Initial position display" button.

Limit tracking area
Restrict the device from tracking into prohibited areas. Thanks to the app’s Tracking Prohibited Area capability, you can define an area that will stop the camera from tracking into.

Improved tracking control
Fine-tuned control is possible with the RC-IP1000 and Remote Camera Control Application.

PTZ Camera Updates

RC-IP1000 Setup

Auto Tracking Application RA-AT001. Unlock the potential to track the main speaker with Face/Head Detection as they move around the stage, automatically. Optimise production efficiency for lectures, corporate events, houses of worship, live performances and broadcast.

Auto Tracking RT-AT001 (Lite)

-> CR-N700/CR-N500/CR-N300/CR-N100

Free with latest firmware, take advantage of Auto Tracking App RA-AT001(Lite) to follow a subject automatically. A paid version (RA-AT001) unlocks extra versatility.

Improved Performance of UVC Output

-> CR-N300 and CR-N100

The CR-N300/CR-N100 supports the UVC standard and can be connected to a PC and used as a webcam without the need for driver settings. With the Firmware update, it is possible to output high-definition and smoother video at up to Full HD 30fps, even with a USB connection.

The Firmware update also enables a wider range of frame rates to be selected. At 59.94 Hz: 30.00 fps, 15.00 fps, 5.00 fps and at 50.00 Hz: 25.00 fps, 12.50 fps, 5.00 fps.

A lower YUV (640 x 360) resolution is also enabled. At 59.94 Hz: 30.00 fps, 15.00 fps, 5.00 fps and at 50.00 Hz: 25.00 fps, 12.50 fps, 5.00 fps.

Colour bar support

-> CR-N500/CR-N300/CR-N100

Colour Bar support has now been added to CR-N500, CR-N300 and CR-N100 with three signal options available.

Advanced Image control

-> CR-N700

With the new Firmware come three important updates to the CR-N700:

  • Clear scan setting improvement, which improves performance when shooting against an AR/LED wall
  • Canon709, CMT709 colour spaces added
  • White Balance G Gain added (CR-N700 is currently R gain and B gain only)

RC-IP1000 and RCCA Controller Capability Updates

Thanks to the new Firmware, significant additions have been made to the functionality of the RC-IP1000 controller.

In brief:

  • Output IP multi-display screen to external display (12G-SDI/HDMI Out)
  • Display of preset/trace thumbnails on LCD panel, external output (12G-SDI/HDMI Out)
  • Enables the Tracking Target Selection and Display Position/Size Settings of the Automatic Tracking application
  • Waveform Monitor/Vectorscope/Marker display function
  • MF Focus guide display at the time of control
  • Camera settings copy, backup/restore
  • Camera setting information is displayed as OSD on video feed on panel.
  • Direct connection to Stream Deck via USB
  • Expand XC Protocol connectivity to connect with external devices

Enhancement Of External Video Output Function
From the SDI OUT/HDMI OUT terminal, the new Firmware allows not only video output for one camera, but also 2x2 and 3x3 multi-display screens, plus a thumbnail display of presets/traces which can be fed to an external monitor. While checking the images of multiple cameras on an external monitor, the touch panel can be used to display and operate the normal menus1.

Thumbnail Display of Presets/Traces
Thanks to the new Firmware, thumbnail images of presets and traces registered in advance can be displayed on the touch panel. By touching the thumbnail image, preset and trace playback can be controlled.

Tracking Target Selection and Display Position
Thanks to the new Firmware, direct selection of the tracking target from LCD and control of subject size and position are enabled.

Focus Guide Display, OSD Display of Camera Setting Parameters
When manual focus selected, the focus guide can be displayed on the touch panel. In addition, the OSD display of camera setting information can be displayed on the image on the touch panel. You can check the camera settings at a glance even while shooting.

Assist Function
Thanks to the new Firmware, a waveform monitor, vectorscope, and three types of markers can be displayed on the touch panel. This allows easy visual checking of contrast, colour and composition.

Camera Settings Copy Function
Complete camera settings by selecting the source and destination cameras2 without the need for a PC. In a large-scale system with a large number of cameras, the time and effort required to set up the camera is greatly reduced.

Support For building systems with external devices using XC Protocol
By extending the XC Protocol, it is possible to control the RC-IP1000 and acquire status information in conjunction with an external control system.
When combining a remote camera system including the RC-IP1000 with an external product, the Firmware makes it possible to build a more flexible and compatible system.

Stream Deck Compatibility
Thanks to the new Firmware, Elgato’s Stream Deck can be connected directly via USB to increase the number of control buttons. From the RC-IP1000, functions such as Camera Selection and Preset Playback can be directly assigned to the keys of the Stream Deck. It is possible to build a system without a PC.

Automatic tracking support for the Remote Camera Control app (RCCA)
The new Firmware supports the operation and setting of the automatic tracking function. In scenes where multiple cameras are used, it is possible to operate and set automatic tracking more efficiently.

  1. If the multi-display screen is output externally, multi-display cannot be performed on the touch panel.
  2. Can only be copied if both the camera model and FW version are the same.