Craft ideas for any season

Let your creativity flow throughout the year with your SELPHY Square QX10 and these tutorials from craft influencer Jesus Sauvage.
Four images printed on SELPHY Square QX10 laying on the patterned surface.

The SELPHY Square QX10 produces high-quality square prints, ideal for smartphone photos — and it can also help you make your own original creations.

Whether it's Easter, the summer holidays, Halloween or Christmas, amaze your loved ones with your decorations and print out the photos that mean the most to you.

Creative influencer @JesusSauvage has put together some tips to help you delight your family and friends. In just a few simple steps, these tutorials will help you make decorations and gifts that are sure to impress.

So open your photo gallery, fire up the SELPHY Square QX10 smartphone printer, stock up on square sticker paper and get inspired!

  1. Send your own holiday postcards
  2. Look back at your favourite moments
  3. Play trick or treat
  4. Craft homemade Christmas decorations
  5. Create an Easter treasure hunt
  6. Gift a personalised bouquet

1. Send your own holiday postcards

The holidays are within reach. Don't just collect your memories in your photo gallery, share your travels with your loved ones and send them a message with a personal touch. You could also use this idea for wedding thank you notes or birth announcements. Influencer @JesusSauvage shows how to make your own unique and creative postcards:

  1. Print your photos using the SELPHY Square QX10. Personalise them by adding text and frames in the SELPHY Photo Layout app to make them even more special.
  2. Fold a sheet of square paper into the shape of an envelope. Add the address and a stamp.
  3. Fill the envelope with leaves, local flowers or other items that remind you of your holiday or celebration, then add your photos.
  4. Seal the envelope using one of the printed photos - remember it has a sticky back so it's easy and mess-free.

Pop it in a post box to send your friends and family some sunshine!

2. Look back at your favourite moments

Memories mean so much more in print. Make the most of days spent indoors at the end of the year and take the opportunity to create a photo album full of your adventures. @JesusSauvage uses the SELPHY Square QX10 to hold on to her favourite photos from the past year in high quality. Follow her tutorial and take a trip down memory lane:

  1. Print your photos using SELPHY Square QX10 and add creative twist with the SELPHY Photo Layout app.
  2. Cut a sheet of tracing paper to cover and separate each of your photos.
  3. Cover the top photo in the pile and write the title of your photo album on the front.
  4. Punch a hole in the top corner of the pile and use a binder ring to keep the photos together.

Don't let a rainy day get you down!

3. Play trick or treat

From costumes to decorations, Halloween is the time of year to let your creative spirit run wild. Make your own Halloween decorations and share your creativity with your family and friends. @JesusSauvage shows us how to create a personalised Halloween garland:

  1. Select the photos of your loved ones, change them to black and white in the app and print them using the SELPHY Square QX10.
  2. Using black or coloured paper, cut out some Halloween-themed shapes (such as bats and witches' hats). Use Creative Park app for inspiration.
  3. Stick your shapes on top of photos of your friends and family to create funny decorations.
  4. Punch a hole in the top corners of your photos and thread a ribbon through to create a funny garland.
Have a spooky Halloween!

4. Craft homemade Christmas decorations

There's nothing better than a family activity to kick off the Christmas season. @JesusSauvage shows how to create unforgettable Christmas tree decorations with the SELPHY Square QX10 printer:

  1. Select your favourite photos and print them using the SELPHY Square QX10.
  2. Cut out squares of coloured paper slightly larger than your photos, then wrap them using two pieces of ribbon in a contrasting colour and glue them in the middle of the square.
  3. Peel off the back of the self-adhesive photo paper and stick the photo in the centre, on top of the ribbons.
  4. Punch a hole in one of the top corners, form a loop using a string, pass it through the hole and tie it in place.
  5. Cut a large piece of ribbon and tie it in a bow and glue it at an angle, covering the hole/hanger.
  6. Twist and stick both ends of the ribbon to the back of the sheet to create a nice framing effect.
  7. Add some golden beads or other finishing touches to make it extra special. Hang them on the Christmas tree or a wreath.
Merry Christmas!

5. Create an Easter treasure hunt

Creating a unique Easter experience has never been easier, bring back memories of your childhood by organising an Easter egg hunt for your little ones.

Decorate your eggs and create four scenes based on a theme of your choice leading to the treasure; follow the video tutorial, showing a pirate theme, and check the step-by-step guide below:

  1. Dress up your eggs (you can use Creative Park for ideas that fit your theme) and hide them in your garden or local park just before the hunt.
  2. Take a photo of each treasure spot.
  3. Print the photos using the SELPHY Square QX10.
  4. Draw a map on an A4 paper and stick the printed photos showing the location of the treasures.
Your children will love it!

6. Gift a personalised bouquet

Bouquets are a perfect addition to your children's homemade gifts, whether they're for Mother's Day, a visit to the grandparents or a birthday party. Craft influencer @JesusSauvage shows us how to make them more personal in just a few minutes:

  1. Create some photo holders by cutting the wire and coiling one end into loops. Make sure it's as long as the flowers in the bouquet.
  2. Print your favourite family photos from your smartphone using the SELPHY Square QX10 and SELPHY Photo Layout app.
  3. Put the photos between the loops of the wire and add them to the bouquet.
  4. To make sure the bouquet doesn't fall apart, print another photo and stick it to the paper or foil holding the flowers together. You can even add a personalised message in the app!
Surprise your loved one with your special gift.

Stay inspired all year round and let your creativity flow with SELPHY Square QX10 and these tutorials from craft influencer Jesus Sauvage.

Written by Jesus Sauvage, Bouchra Ghermoul, Claire Kaleta.

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