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A content creator’s dream. One camera for stills and video

Javier Cortes shooting a ballet dancer at a theatre with the Canon EOS R6

Javier Cortes in action shooting a ballet dancer practising at the Teatro Massimo, Sicily. ® Teatro Massimo.

Alongside superb quality stills, the EOS R6 produces exceptional video. Shoot at resolutions up to 4K/60p, or at frame rates up to 120p when capturing Full HD footage – all with Dual Pixel CMOS AF providing continuous tracking autofocus. Use the camera’s advanced technologies to capture expansive dynamic range and beautiful colours.

Hands holding a Canon EOS R6 in natural surrounding

Shooting handheld and take full advantage of the EOS R6's powerful combined lens and in-body Image Stabilizer.

Shooting a ballet dancer in an open natural area surrounded with pillars

Shoot 4K 60p to capture the grace and fluiditiy of ballet, in exceptional detail, and natural colour.

Canon EOS R6 held at a low angle shooting a dancer sitting on the floor

The Vari-angle screen helps framing the shot when shooting from a low angle for dramatic effect. ® Teatro Massimo.

Create the look and feel you want

The EOS R6 can capture video in a variety of resolutions and frame rates, depending on the look and feel you want to achieve.

At 4K UHD resolution, filmmakers can capture superb clarity and detail and choose a frame rate from a range of values:
•    23.98p for a cinematic look and feel
•    25p and 30p for normal reproduction
•    50p and 60p for reproducing the fluid motion of dynamic subjects, or creating half-speed slow-motion effects

When shooting at Full HD resolution, extra options are available:
•    100p and 120p for even smoother reproduction of very fast-moving subjects, and extreme quarter-speed slow-motion effects.*

Alongside a conventional still-photo interval timer, the EOS R6 also supports 4K and Full HD time-lapse video capture. This lets videographers capture changes in a scene happening on a much slower timescale than normal, and contrast these with real-time and slow-motion footage.

* Sound is not recorded when shooting at Full HD 100/120p

Javier shooting two ballet dancers in a theatre with Canon EOS R6

Javier shooting the ballet dancers, demonstrating the outstanding film making capabilities of the EOS R6, as well as its 8-stop IS. ® Teatro Massimo.

Professional-grade image quality

The EOS R6 gives the option to shoot with Canon Log 1 for results that preserve detail in highlights and shadows when shooting in high-contrast conditions. Footage shot with Canon Log 1 is easy to grade in post-production editing workflows, making it easy to apply a specific look or colour profile or to colour-match it with footage shot on other cameras using the same format.

The EOS R6 now supports the H.265 codec alongside the more traditional H.264. This allows 10 bit 4:2:2 recording for outstanding picture quality, either captured internally to SD memory cards or externally to a recorder via a micro HDMI output.

Dealing with dynamic range

When shooting in high-contrast conditions, the EOS R6’s HDR Movie mode captures frames alternately that are underexposed then properly exposed, then combines these into a single frame that preserves detail in bright highlight areas automatically. And that’s not all.

The EOS R6 now also supports HDR PQ capture for video, as well as stills. This high dynamic range mode uses a perceptual quantizer for footage that looks stunning when viewed on compatible HDR displays.

The camera records HDR PQ in a format that conforms to the BT.2100 (PQ) HDR specification and with H.265 compression, so it can be edited in compatible software.

A ballet dancer striking a pose in open area surrounded with pillars

"The Canon EOS R6 allows me to boost my performance as a filmmaker."

Dual Pixel CMOS AF II

Our updated Dual Pixel CMOS AF II system allows smooth, confident continuous focusing in all recording modes. It features Face and Eye detection too, operating over 100 per cent of the frame,* making it ideal for fast-paced filming. The system can also recognise cats, dogs and birds and track them around the frame with ease, adjusting focus to keep them sharp.

It’s easy to create ‘pull-focus’ style transitions too that shift the area of sharpness from one place to another, along with your audience’s attention. It’s a slick professional effect, and the EOS R6 makes it easy to do. Simply tap the camera’s touch screen (or the screen of a connected smart device) and the camera will smoothly refocus – at a speed specified by you in its menu system.

* Only with compatible lenses. May not be possible to move AF frame to the edge of the screen under some scene and subject conditions.

The EOS R6 features ‘zebras’ – striped patterns that are overlaid on screen to warn you that an object or area is approaching a certain level of brightness, and potential overexposure. They can be set to trigger at different levels of brightness using options in the EOS R6’s main menu.

A ballet dancer striking a pose in open area surrounded with pillars

Focus on what matters most

With its advance Dual pixel CMOS AF II autofocus, the EOS R6 identifies and tracks moving objects like no mirrorless camera before.
A handheld Canon EOS R6 camera

® Teatro Massimo.

Tools to help you focus
When you’re focusing manually, the EOS R6 offers a number of tools that help you achieve critical sharpness and get the results you’re looking for.

Focus Peaking
The edges of the in-focus parts of the scene are outlined in a colour of your choosing.
Focus Magnification
By enlarging the image, first by 5x and then by 10x, you’ll be able to better see the image and evaluate focus.
Dual Pixel CMOS AF Assist
First seen in our Cinema EOS C300 Mark II camera, the EOS R6’s Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology measures subject distance using its Dual Pixel algorithms and displays an indicator to show if the subject is in or out of focus.

Shooting Times

The EOS R6 offers powerful movie recording and stills capabilities within a compact body design. At the highest frame rates and resolutions heat is inevitably generated because of the resolution, frame rate and auto focus capability. The approximate shooting times for the available resolutions and frame rates in 23°C / 73°F environments from a cold start are detailed below.

4K 60P
- 94% sensor width: 30 minutes
- APS-C crop (5.1K oversampled): 35 minutes *1

4K 30P
- 94% sensor width: not limited by heat
- APS-C crop (5.1K oversampled): 40 minutes *1
*1 Recording is limited to 29 minutes 59seconds. Indicates the time when recording can be resumed immediately

If the camera reaches the temperature limit it is recommended to turn the camera off in order to allow the heat dissipate.
Approximate recovery times for a 23°C / 73°F environment are indicated below but are affected by various factors such as ambient temperature, continued camera operation and the selected shooting resolution. The time until full record time is available will vary with ambient temperature.

4K 60P
- 10 minute cooldown gives approx. 5 minutes of recording time


Javier Cortes' kitbag

The key kit used for professional film making.

Javier Cortes holding a Canon EOS R6 camera



Whatever you shoot, however you shoot it, the EOS R6 lets you be creative in ways you never thought possible.

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