Droeba – setting new broadcast quality standards with the Canon C300 Mark III

An image tells more than a thousand words

Everybody tells you that Droeba is an interesting program, but at the same time, its main merit is the image.

Giorgi Taragamadze Author and host of Droeba

Images can give your messages even more emotion

Bringing back a TV show and creating it on a higher level requires not only a dedicated and professional team but also state-of-the-art technical equipment. Its unique cinematic look is one of the advantages that gives Droeba an edge over the competition and makes it a top-rated show in Georgia.

The superior image quality can make even the most ordinary shots much more emotional and helps create an exciting story with a strong message. As a leader in storytelling, Formula TV’s show Droeba relies on the latest Canon cameras announced in 2020 – the Canon C300 Mark III.

Aside from the superior image quality, the cameras are reliable, easy to handle and packed with advanced features for easy and efficient work.

Giorgi Taragamadze   Author and host of Droeba

4K and 120 fps allow you to tell the story differently

“I love 4K and 120 frames per second with the Dual Pixel AF system. It is amazing; it works very fast, the face tracking is very reliable and the slow-motion is so smooth,” says cameraman Giorgi Mikeladze. As someone who uses the camera daily, he appreciates its technical superiority and features that allow him to create the best shots possible for the viewers.

What impresses camerapeople the most are the DGO sensor with a 16+ dynamic range for filming in sunny weather, the dual pixel autofocus with face detection and tracking systems, the slow-motion function and lightweight 18-80 cinema lenses with fantastic bokeh, good DOF, great image quality and servo zoom.

Dynamic work requires fast decisions. To be effective, camerapeople must work quickly and the Canon C300 mark III is just the right tool for this: “I can change functions very fast and often I don’t look at the buttons at all.”

Giorgi Mikeladze. cameraman

Making editing easy, fast and comfortable

When you have just a few hours between filming on the field and going on air, you have to work fast. With the Canon C300 mark III, this task is a lot easier due to the exceptional high quality of the original image and codec compatibility with other formats, so no extra time is wasted for rendering and colour corrections.

As an editor, Beka Beladze says: “Even though the footage is not ideal sometimes, being overexposed or underexposed, I manage to get details from highlights, as well as from shadows without the extra noise.”

High quality of original image

Everyone in Georgia knows our camerapeople are the best, but they would not be able to conduct such great work without the Canon C300 Mark III.

Giorgi Taragamadze Author and host of Droeba