Canon imagePROGRAF TM Series

Canon imagePROGRAF TM Series.

Easy to use. A true companion of your designs.


The plotter for everyone

The Canon imagePROGRAF TM Series is designed to operate with very low ink consumption no matter the output. It delivers high productivity with precise and high-quality printouts.

Focus on your business with eService

Focus on running your business and let Canon take care of your plotter. With the all-in-one Canon eService, you pay only for the inks you consume. Everything else is included.

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Easy loading rolls

With the possibility to load jumbo rolls — even 100m+ rolls — replacement of the paper on Canon imagePROGRAF TM Series occurs less often. When needed, a simple slide mechanism is making changing the rolls easier than ever.

The Canon imagePROGRAF TM plotters are also controlling the remaining amount of paper (with or without barcode) for you and notify you when the paper runs out.


Print with a single click

Printing with Canon imagePROGRAF TM plotter couldn’t be easier. You just create shortcuts with pre-registered print settings — print quality, paper type and paper size — and with a single drag & drop of files over the shortcut icon of the printer put files to print, saving you time and clicks with every print.


Up to 300 ml “hot swap” ink tanks

Even if you run out of ink, Canon imagePROGRAF TM plotters keep inks sub-tanks, enabling ink tank replacement during printing with no downtime or waste of ink and media. Besides, the printer uses all ink in the tanks, which helps reduce maintenance costs.

Ink tanks in all colors are available in 300 ml and 130 ml yield.


Hassle free output with stacker

Forget about messy and crumpled drawings stored in the basket — use a flat stacker. With it all plain-paper drawings and documents are neatly stacked face down in the correct order – no sorting needed. Stacker can be set to three positions depending on the output size and printed documents can be removed easily at the front of the printer.


Upgradable to MFP at any time

Wide format multifunctional device is not a dream anymore. You can easily upgrade any device from our Canon imagePROGRAF TM plotter series (with exception of TM-205) to MFP. Either at the very beginning or later when the need ocurs. You can select between two options — entry level L36ei/L24ei scanner, or advanced T36 scanner.


TM Series - high productivity at low cost

Canon imagePROGRAF TM plotter series is designed to work with very low ink consumption no matter the output. It delivers precise & high quality printouts even in fast mode.

Print speed and inks consumption

24”, A1

00:24min 00:44min 01:22min
0,15ml 0,32ml 1,36ml
A1 CAD drawing
Fast economy, plain paper
A1 CAD drawing
Standard, plain paper
A1 Poster
Standard, coated paper

36”, A0

00:40min 01:14min 02:36min
0,24ml 0,51ml 2,67ml
A0 CAD drawing
Fast economy, plain paper
A0 CAD drawing
Standard, plain paper
A0 Poster
Standard, coated paper
Inks consumption: total consumed inks, all colors.
Image used for measuring print speed and inks consumption


Additional features to improve productivity & reduce costs

Pick the right size for you

You can choose between 24- and 36-inch models. All TM plotters share same features, whereas HDD models TM-205/305 employs additional 500GB HDD/128Mb ROM, PDF direct print and additional security features.

Model TM-200 TM-205 TM-300 TM-305
Price* 2,999 GEL
6,289 GEL
Stacker stand Optional, SD23 Standard
MFP Options L24ei L36ei
eService 200 ml+ Fee per quarter: 130€
Includes 200ml of inks for free
Price for each next ml is 0.65€

*Suggested price. For further details please contact a Canon Certified Partner.

Same consumables for entire plotter line

Inks model Pigment inks PFI-120 Pigment inks PFI-320
Colors Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Matte black
Yield 130ml 300ml
Price* 239 GEL 429 GEL
Price per 1 ml 1.84 GEL​ 1.43 GEL​​​​​
*Suggested price. For further details please contact a Canon Certified Partner.


Where to buy imagePROGRAF plotters?

For more information and purchase requests get in touch with one of your local Canon resellers bellow.