Canon PRISMAproduction Specifications

Production Printing Software

Software for your workflow



A fully automated workflow system with high performance data processing.

For all industry-standard PDLs and datastreams for transaction and document printing

Rock-solid reliability and automated error recovery

Centralized printer management for one or many printers at a print site with central administration, monitoring and messaging

Scalable and modular to fit the wide range of IPDS printers between 45 and up to 5500 pages per minute (ppm) from and other vendors

For cutsheet and continuous feed production printers

Additional drivers for non-IPDS printers in specific environments

Graphical User Interface (GUI) for local and remote access (without having to install ‘thick’ clients)

Print Job Manager (local and remote job submission via Internet browser)

Central print job routing

Single server or a cluster configuration including ripping

Cluster printing and load balancing

Centralized accounting records

Centralized resource handling

User access management including predefined workspaces for specific users

Broad range of options for physical connections and standard transfer protocols

Standardized customizable interfaces and hot directories for automated job submission and job tracking

High level of customization via Professional Services is possible

Paper configuration tool for attribute based paper selection

Enhanced Xerox connectivity options


System Requirements

Depending upon required capacity for printers and print workload

High performance operating system: SuSE Linux Enterprise Server