Your photos, our favourites: Urban and street

Your photos, our favourites: Urban and street

Your images, our favourites: Urban and street photography

Take a trip with us from Poland to India to Croatia and see our favourite pictures shared to our gallery from our recent photo challenge. Each image captures a moment in time within an urban environment and provides the cover to the interesting story behind it.

Outburst of Joy Michal Patron

“I took this picture at the opening of a street art event in Lublin, Poland. I didn’t know what was going to happen, so I blended into the crowd to wait. Suddenly an artificial smoke machine started creating huge clouds, sparking a surge of joy in a nearby group of children. I saw my chance.

Despite the smoke clouding my vision, I went for the widest possible angle, with children in the foreground and ghostly silhouettes in the background. I only had a few seconds – then the children scattered and the parade began.

The picture went on to win a first prize in Grand Press Photo 2015 – Poland’s most acknowledged photojournalism competition.”

Free by Susana Hinojo

"I climbed up to the Amber Fort in Jaipur and was fortunate enough to find a very special festival going on. People had gathered to protest about India’s centuries-old culture of gender inequality.

The whole scene was magical – and suddenly this perfect moment appeared before my eyes. A completely natural gesture of love and happiness between a mother and daughter.

At that instant, my heart was completely aligned with what my eyes were seeing.”

Façade med Patina by Frederik Frydendal

“While enjoying a rickshaw tour around Split in Croatia, I passed this little window and felt drawn to the image. So much so, that later I felt compelled to go back and photograph it.

My instinct turned out to be right. With its relaxed atmosphere, natural patina and intricate texture, for me the story behind this photo is simply ‘home sweet home’.

For travel and street photos, I always shoot in RAW and AV mode and in this case on aperture f/8. This allows me to capture as much detail as possible.”

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