Wilder Story by Loraraine Poole

Your photos, our favourites: People and Portraits

From contemplative faces on Baltic beaches to a seaside craftsman absorbed by his work, this month you’ve sent us evocative portraits, shining a light on interesting people from far and wide. Here’s our pick from the images you’ve shared to our Gallery.

Dreams of the Sea by Nikolai Pogodin

“I took this photo at Vistula Spit, on the shore of the Baltic Sea – the most western outpost of modern Russia and East Prussia. You can really feel the breath of history here – as if it’s been left untouched by modern life.

Strolling along the bay on the shore, past the partially-destroyed Luftwaffe air sheds, I saw a boy sitting on a brick wall at the water's edge. He was peering into the turquoise sea, as if thinking about the area’s past and contemplating his future. I love this contrast and also like that the image has a dreamlike quality but is grounded in reality. It reminded me of my own childhood.

I shot this using my Canon EOS 6D and EF 24-105 L IS USM lens. I photograph mostly in RAW format in Aperture Priority mode. This was shot at f/9, ISO 100 with a focal length of 35mm.”

Mr Potter by Lorraine Poole

“I travelled to Lyme Regis in Dorset, England last August as one of my photos was in an exhibition. When I arrived, I found that it had been already been sold and wasn’t on display after all. So with time to spare, I decided to explore this beautiful seaside town and enjoy some wonderful opportunities to take photographs of local people and tourists. We walked past what looked like a small dark shed with its door wide open and, as I’m rather inquisitive, I went in to see what was in there. A local potter was finishing off some mugs he had just made to sell. He looked the picture of an old sea artisan potter, complete with clay-dirty apron, weathered appearance and a fabulous beard. He was alone and deep in concentration, surrounded by clay, bowls, tins and potter-paraphernalia hanging everywhere on the old whitewashed walls. I stood around and watched him at his craft, taking a series of photographs, trying to capture his calm nature and skill.

To give myself a contrasting image with detail I used ISO 800. I wanted to make the most of the actual light in there and I don’t like to use flash. The aperture was f/4.5. What I love about this portrait is that the potter is in his natural habitat. It gives a lovely context to his personality and his vocation.

This photo was taken using my Canon EOS 6D and Canon EF 24mm-105mm L lens.”

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