Canon XEED 4K501ST


Enjoy next-generation image quality and flexibility with today’s smallest* native 4K (4096 x 2400) installation projector, weighing only 18Kg. Its 5,000 lumens, 4K LCOS panels and 4K Canon lens deliver breathtaking results.



  • Compact, lightweight installation projector with native 4K (4096 x 2400) resolution
  • AISYS optical system and 3x 4K LCOS panels for smooth, clear images
  • 4K glass wide-zoom lens and 5,000 lumens keep images bright across the zoom range
  • Native 3,000:1 contrast ratio for deep, pure colours and rich, true blacks
  • Flexible Canon 1.3x zoom projection lens with motorised horizontal and vertical lens shift
  • Four corner keystone correction and HD edge-blending maximise installation options
  • DVI and HDMI 2.0 inputs offer compatibility with digital video and computer sources
  • 1.0 frame delay rate and new stability system optimises performance with 4K movies
  • Curved surface projection technology for peripheral focus and excellent depth of field
  • Durable design is easy to maintain, keeping your total cost of ownership low

Detailed Features

Take a more detailed look into the Canon XEED 4K501ST

Native 4K resolution delivers stunning detail

Offering native 4K (4096 x 2400) resolution in a compact chassis, the XEED 4K501ST is the smallest* installation projector in the market. 4K resolution delivers astonishingly sharp and detailed text, smoother graphics and striking images from both computer and video sources.

Compact, powerful and accurate optical technology

Both the AISYS optical system and 3 x true 4K reflective LCOS panels in the 4K500ST are exceptionally compact while delivering industry-leading performance. AISYS technology enhances colour reproduction, maximises brightness and enhances contrast. Dual imaging engines deliver smooth, high quality images exactly as they were intended. The projector’s compact size enables much easier installation where space and weight are issues.

New lens delivers bright, precise images

The 4K501ST offers a new 1.3x zoom 4K glass lens that leverages Canon’s longstanding heritage in high quality lens design. In combination with the projector’s 5,000 lumens brightness and constant F2.6 aperture, the 4K501ST delivers consistently impressive brightness throughout its zoom range. A maximum 3,000:1 native contrast ratio achieves superior real-world performance, with truer colours and deeper blacks – creating an enhanced viewing experience.

Outstanding flexibility and convenience

The XEED 4K501ST is designed to easily achieve great results from almost any position. +/-60% motorised lens shift makes it straightforward to adjust image positioning without tilting or repositioning the projector. Four corner keystone correction ensures images stay perfectly geometrical. High definition edge-blending technology helps you produce beautiful blended images from multiple 4K501ST projectors and apply corrections at individual pixel level. 5 point adjustment lets you adjust RGB pixels by just 0.1 pixel, for clearer reproduction on curved and dome screens. Extended features in the professional menu also include multi-input mode, DVI optimiser, input signal details, overall run time and an option to change the stop-bit from 1 to 2 to enable compatibility with a wider range of serial communication devices.

Versatility in action

Thanks to its 4x DVI-D and 2x HDMI 2.0 inputs, it’s effortless to connect the 4K501ST to multiple 4K sources including digital video and computers. The inclusion of HDMI 2.0 means 4K content can be projected with a single HDMI cable. 4K movies are delivered with low levels of motion blurring, while simulation environments will benefit from near-immediate response times with just a 16.6ms delay. Curved surface projection technology gives you control over peripheral focus – in addition to the projector’s general focus – for faithful image reproduction even on dome-shaped surfaces.

Easy maintenance, low-cost ownership

Alongside its compact and durable design, the 4K501ST combines hassle-free ownership with low running costs. The lamp and air filter are easy to replace without dismounting the projector. Class-leading energy efficiency** of just 475W in Eco mode and just 0.4W in Standby mode minimises your running costs. Press the dedicated Eco button to optimise every parameter and enjoy the lowest energy consumption.

* Correct at time of publication
** Vs. projectors with comparable brightness

Product Specification

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4K DVC icon

4K Resolution

For powerful brightness and a high contrast ratio

For powerful brightness and a high contrast ratio



Industry standard control protocol

Industry standard control protocol



3 Yr XEED Extended warranty
  • Multimedia Projector 4K501ST
  • Remote Control (RS-RC05)
  • AA Batteries X 2
  • AC Mains Power Cable
  • Outer box with EAN code
  • Warranty Card (E)
  • Instructions Book (CD-ROM)
  • Important Information