Slovenian supermarket chain Nama improves security with Canon network cameras

Canon’s network camera solution for Nama has been hugely effective and resulted in an increased ability to detect theft. The overall improvement in the system’s image quality has been a particularly welcomed improvement which has directly correlated to an increase in both the number of violation detections and the amount of incident reports to the local police department.

The management of the new system is also simple and user-friendly, allowing the loss prevention team to spend more time monitoring and detecting theft instead of sifting through poor quality footage. Management of the system can also be taught to new employees in just two hours. Additionally, the maintenance contract with the integrator ensures immediate response in case of any technical issues, ensuring that any system outages have a minimal effect on operations.


"We can easily add additional cameras when needed and replace older models. It’s a long term investment. We are excited to continue to work with Canon and will likely roll this solution out to other stores in future."

Branka Jerala, Marketing Director